Annoyance, Winter of 2011
This was an oil pastel drawing that showed some sort of emotion. My emotion was annoyance and didn't want to draw people for it cause that didn't seem very original, so i went with things that annoy me besides people. I never worked with oil pastels much so I was pretty proud of how it turned out.
Flower, Spring of 2011
For this project we hade to draw an abstract drawing of a leaf or a flower. If we drew the leaf or flower in warm or cool colors we had to do a wash in the background in an opposite color. The paint didn't affect the oil pastels so we could paint right on top of it.
Cookie, Winter 2011
We had to draw cookies in three different ways. First we had to draw the full cookie, then we had to draw a bite taken out of it, then we needed to draw it completely eaten or with another bite taken out. For this project we got actual cookies to eat and to draw which made it a lot easier to concentrate and draw.
Final Still Life Drawing, Winter 2011
During our still life unit we had to do a final drawing to see how far we've come from when we first started still life. I was very proud of how well this drawing turned out. I learned cool new ways of drawing because of this one drawing.
Pealope, Summer 2011
Our teacher had us draw a creature or an animal on a scratchboard. I wanted to do something outside of the box and make a oeacock mixed with an antalope. This was the best thing I've made in art all year and I'm very proud of it.
Weave Drawing, Summer 2011
We had to weave two pictures together and make them into one big picture. The two pictures I wove together was myself and a skull and I wove them in a unique way where differents patrs of the pictures were showing in a very different way. This was my second favorite project that i did.