Drawing and Painting/Art 2

Inkout, Fall of 2011
This project required us to use all the ink in our pen. I spent a few days trying to think of what i wanted to do for this projects and then I finally got inspired by the music I was listening to. I was pretty proud of how it turned out in the end.seth.jpg

Acrylic Painting, Winter 2012
I painted tis yorkie bevause I ove small dogs since I have two of them. So my dogs kind of inspired me to do this painting after weeks of wondering what I was going to paint. I'm not the best painter by far but I enjoy how this turned out in the end.

Controlled Marks, Fall of 2011
I wanted to draw a picture that related to music and I wanted it to be kind of out of my element, so I made it look like some sort of movie cover or book cover. I think the best part of this drawing is the moon because the dots really show value in it and makes it look more 3-demensional.