I am Seth and i like chocolate cake, art, music, friends, money, and family. I hope to become a musician or a videogame designer.

This class could help me become a better artist. I like to draw and drawing real life things will help me draw things on the computer.

DSC06989.JPGColage Painting/Diabetes/2010

For our colage paintings we had to chose a issue and i chose diabetes. We had to use five colors on the color wheel that are next to each other. The colors I used were orange, red,violet, orange-red, red-violet, and I also added a little white to them.

DSC06871.JPGPencil sketch/Snake Lady/2010

The class got to chose what we wanted to draw for our pencil sketches. I could think of anything to draw, but for art club we have to draw something for greek mythology so I just thought of Medusa. It wasn't my best drawing, but it turned out kind of nice.

DSC06798.JPGWater color Painting/wolf/2010

This was a watercolor peice that we had to do in the beginning of the year. At first I thought it was going to turn out wrong and messed up, but it actuallly turned out nice.


Our whole class had to go out in the hallway and draw the hallway that was in front of us. We had to use a ruler for every line that we made. It was kinda hard because we had to sit in the same exact spot everyday.